HEMO is a smart notice board for apartment hunting. The target audience is students in Israel.
This is a user-friendly tool that enables user to located the apartments most suited to their requirements – simply and efficiently.

NOW’s Challenge

To develop and design a brand that is most suited to the target audience, using an effective internet platform.

To create a website that presents original, innovate thinking for real estate listings – using their own jargon.

NOW’s Solution

We created a comprehensive solution with a creative concept and brand language, developed specifically for the specific target audience:

  • Designing a unique logo and appearance, implemented at the relevant points of contact with customer – with an emphasis on a complementary Facebook experience
  • Defining and creating a responsive website with a smart and efficient search engine for helping visitors locate their most suitable apartment
  • Developing HEMO – a character that demonstrates the HEMO assistance. “Because sometimes, finding an apartment can be exhausting, and it’s nice to have some help.”