Our name is Now Branding and for almost 20 years we have been accompanying global B2B brands. This actually means:

  • building a brand strategy
  • suiting your marketing messages to your target audiences
  • producing visual and creative solutions

Working with us is simple.
You mark the target, we pave the way.
Together, at sharp corners and steep hills, we consult, deliberate, and suit your language and messages to your new path.

We believe that it is important to build a uniform story for your brand – one that will be identified with you all the way, from strategy, through creative, to an abundance of creative solutions.

We don’t believe in big words that are full of lots of hot air but very little content. That is why we have designed an effective and applicable method,

that puts your needs in the center. We call this the Now Factor, and the client is at the center, surrounded by our team.

This means that all day long, our graphic designers and strategy experts, technology professionals and digital media specialists (UI, UX), and anyone else your business may need, are busy enhancing your branding story – translating it specifically for your clients.

We know that you are busy facing endless challenges in an ever-changing environment. That is why it is our job to put to use everything we have learned over the past 20 years about what is important and what is not.

Rest assure, technology is our second language. While you focus on the future, we will ensure you have the best possible digital tools.

Our customers say we are their anchor, and nothing makes us happier than watching them ship sail off in the right direction, long before everyone else.


The now factor

We believe in strategies that combine and integrate both creativity and technology.


A call-for-action message on the global market, directed at a specific target audience


A simple direct message on a suitable platform – in the right place, at the right time, for the right target audience


In a dynamic, constantly changing world, real time insights ensure up-to-date and improved messages and communications with customers, anywhere, any time.

Our Services

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Service and implementation

  • Monitoring the brand
  • Measuring campaigns
  • Increasing brand exposure
  • Developing new markets
  • Developing marketing tools

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Implementation & Creative

  • Website design
  • Corporate identity
  • Marketing messages
  • Digital design
  • UX design

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Framework and insights

  • Market research
  • Market analysis
  • Wireframes & specifications
  • Customer experience
  • Brand strategy