Is there such a thing as groundbreaking design?

Based on a TED lecture given by Simon Sinek, “How Great LeadersInspire Action”

How can we explain why certain companies succeed when others don’t?How can we explain a certain design that creates a buzz when others don’t?
Why are some people more successful than others? Are they more talented? Do they have better tools? More time? More money, perhaps?

Let’s take Apple, for example. Year after year the company remains groundbreaking and unique. We all await their latest products.

Why? After all, this is just another computer company, with the same human resources as all the others. A computer is just a computer, a screen is just a screen. But yet, they are Apple. And the others are not…

Simon Sinek found a pattern that leads to success – a pattern that changed his life. Sinek claims that all the successful people and companies act upon this same pattern, which he calls “The Golden Circle”. We claim that this pattern can also be used for שachiving ground breaking banding.

So what is this Golden Circle? W.H.W. As with most things, this idea is made of three separate parts: What? How? Why?

These 3 simple questions explain why some companies, organizations and leaders succeed and influence where others fail.

Every company knows what i does. Some even know how they do it and why they stand out.

But few know why they do what they do.

What do we at NOW do? We brand.

How do we do it? Through market analysis, strategy, experience, talent, graphic design and programing, and so much more.

Why do we do it? In order to make a profit..? Oops, wrong answer.

Profit is a result, not a reason, and therefore cannot be the real motivation for creativity and for influencing people.

The Why must be the intention, the purpose.

So what is the purpose of branding? What makes us go to work every morning, sit at our desks for at least 9 hours (at least…), and create a brand for our clients? And why should anyone else care?

Well, once we understand our purpose as brand creators and designers, we will have our answer and will be able to convey it to the world.

Take a look again at the Golden Circle. Most organizations or people get lost along the way from the What to the Why – creating incoherent messages, a feeling of “something is off”.

However, when we do manage to connect the What to the Why, we are able to reach many more people – and right on target. At this point, everything falls into place.

Let’s look at Apple again. The company could convey the same message as all the other computer companies:

“We make great computers that are beautifully designed, simple to use, and are user friendly. Want to buy one?”

But they don’t. Instead, Apple says: “Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is we make our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly. We just happen to make computers – wanna buy one?”

This is a different sales pitch, and an inspiring one. People don’t buy what you make.

They buy the reason you make it, or in other words, they buy the value of what you make. People are happy to buy Apple smartphones and other products because they feel connected to the company’s brand.

When we convey our What with our Why, we connect with the part of the brain that controls behavior. This results in a gut feeling that has nothing to do with logic.

We often hear about startup companies that have been sold for millions of dollars. These same companies often started out with just $50 in a basement. Yet they managed to attract employees, investors, and even buyers. Because they communicated from the inside – out. They conveyed their reason for getting up in the morning and doing what they do..

It’s important to attract people who believe in what you believe in, so that they become ambassadors of your brand. The people who believe in Apple will stand in line for hours, all night even, just to purchase the latest iPhone – and they didn’t even know if it is any good. They just want to be first. Because they believe in Apple.

The idea is not to do business with everyone, but to do business with the people who believe in what you believe in.

The idea is to quickly reach people who think like us and turn them into ambassadors of our brand, into key opinion leaders who will stand in line for us all night.

The NOW Golden Circle:

What? We believe in smart, creative, groundbreaking branding.
How? We live, breathe and dream branding.
Why? Because with NOW you will receive so much more than just a brand.

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