A Smart World

Remember the movie “Her”? where the main character develops an intimate relationship with his computer operating system?

That may sound far-fetched, science-fiction, but it isn’t really. You would be surprised to hear that many of the products and services we purchase really do collect information about us in order to provide us with perfectly-fitting advertisements.

Each app that we download collects data about us: Where we are, who we’re talking to, which products we have recently purchased from e-bay, etc. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Giants such as Google and Apple (as well as many smaller companies) know how to analyze all this data about us and use it to their advantage. Not far is the day when we upgrade our mobile device only to have it talk to us as if it’s our best friend.

The next generation – connecting between the physical and the digital – is already here. But what exactly does that mean?

Let’s start with the obvious – our mobile phone. This is a classic connection between a real product and all the digital actions that take place using the phone.

Oral-B recently launched a smart toothbrush that can contact your dentist to give her all your updated tooth information. Not sure if this will be a success, but that’s a whole other discussion.

Nike, for example, has numerous apps that “work” for us. They count the number of steps we take, remind us to go for a run, recommend which shoes we should buy, etc.

Google and Levis are presently developing an interactive material, combined with electric fibers that react to touch (a sort of touch-screen).

Will this be the next generation of computers? And how do you wash such material?

The Smart Home concept works on the same idea, objects that we control them via the Internet and they work for us.

The connection between the bone and the World Wide Web opens up a wide variety of choices for all consumers and suppliers alike. All this attracts a lot of entrepreneurs and sediments, and no doubt the trend will grow.

In the future, whether the world is ruled by robots or computers systems? (If any), wait and see …

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