Patience is a Virtue

Every parent knows how difficult it is for children to wait patiently. Yet mainly adults nowadays find it just as hard to be patient.

Take for example the old-fashioned telephone. You know, the one where you actually had to dial a number, and speak into a mouthpiece that was attached to the phone by a cord.

Remember? Before text messages and whatsups, You had to put your finger into the designated space, and physically dial each digit separately. And if you made a mistake – you had to start again from the beginning.

When you think about it, it’s hard to image the amount of time we wasted on performing such a complex (or simple?) activity. Did we have more time back then? Or were we just used to things taking time?

The answer is probably both, combined with a number of additional factors.

But life nowadays is full of non-stop screens, messages and technologies – from the moment we wake up until the time we go to sleep. (Anyone who takes their mobile phone with them to the bathroom – please raise your hand…).

Most of us want newer and faster everything

But these things take up so much of our time, even our limited spare time.

We have become used to being satisfied quickly, to not having to wait long, and to performing short actions. New trends constantly replace old ones. Here today, gone tomorrow. Or should we say, forgotten tomorrow.  That is why brands that try to create a sympathetic relationship and a positive user experience for their customers need to be constantly innovative, while keeping everything simple and constant.

Companies need to frequently update their brand story.

Long waiting times harm the customer experience and even lead to attrition. Therefore companies need to be fast – on all fronts.

So yes, much has changed since the dial-phone. But talking about phones… do you realize that our smart phones contain most of our memories? We no long need to remember telephone numbers by heart, or even the way home. Our phones do all that for us.

Impatience has changed 180 degrees. That is why a brand that is clever enough to seize the chance to create news and variety as part of its day-to-day routine will stay relevant over time, and will know how to create patience and even expectations among target audiences.

A brand that is able to create expectations will truly benefit, as expectations, as opposed to waiting, are linked to a positive, hopeful user experience. And that is when waiting becomes so much more comfortable.

The whole idea of a smart home takes advantage of the very same concept: objects that we control via the internet and that work for us. A connection between an object and the internet opens up an entire world of opportunities for everyone, suppliers and customers alike. This is exactly what attracts investors and entrepreneurs, and this trend will continue to grow, without a doubt.

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